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yinetime ([personal profile] yinetime) wrote2017-02-12 10:22 am

Jump Street Videos - Swagger Like Us

My festivids entries! Feedback appreciated, but even MORE appreciated if you like/comment on the ORIGINAL youtube video.
These are the first(??) videos I have ever made without some kind of a priori plan or idea hahaha. Funnily enough, for every fandom I requested, I had set ideas. I just needed one more fandom to qualify so I added the Jump Street movies because I know and love them. Of course, those are the ones I got assigned and there was this moment of, "Uh oh, I have no idea what I'm doing!" So I spent a lot of time just shuffling through my music trying to get inspired.
I'm glad I did it though. It was definitely a new kind of challenge. "Swagger Like Us" was the first one I came up with, and was committed to, and then I forced myself to come up with another idea in case the person I was making them for didn't like the concept (hence "Break the Rules"). Both of them were made simultaneously. I just switched back and forth if I was ever stumped.